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We offer a range of protections for your clients from general liability to cargo insurance and industry topping quote turn around times.

We may grant agent appointments to companies located throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California and our coverage covers the U.S., Mexico, & Canada.

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Southern Star MGA

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About Us & Our Mission

Southern Star MGA specializes in appointing agents to provide their clients our insurance solutions for trucking companies located in the Southwest that carry cargo throughout North America & Mexico.

It is our mission to make our agents, their insureds, and everyone else on the road safer and financialy secure while remembering that accidents happen and being there every step of the way when they do. Stellar customer service & claims management, quality coverage, and client/driver education are the foundation of our success.

Our Services

Motor Truck Cargo

Protect the commodities being hauled from accident, theft, disaster, and other perils with motor truck cargo insurance.

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Auto Physical Damage

Protect vehicles against damage from other vehicles, weather, and other damages with APD coverage.

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Auto Liability

If a client employs drivers it's very likely they need auto liability insurance in case one of the drivers has an at fault accident.

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General Liability

Protect your clients from losses arising from operations, services, employees, and more with a general liability policy.

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